moviesluts - a fledgling, irreverent film review site looking for contributors.

joyffa - a gargantuan tribute to Buffy: the Vampire Slayer actress Kristine Sutherland.

which Kylie are you? - a truly pointless quiz, which allows you to determine your inner Minogue.

mulholland drive-thru - a small repository of desktop wallpapers inspired by David Lynch's film.

the muff game - we all love immature parlour games and this one changes the lyrics of popular songs to include the word 'muff'.

life's a drag - discover your inner drag queen.

stick figure sex - an anthropological study into the mating habits of stick figures.

lilahslash - a fanfiction archive for Angel's leading lady lawyer, Lilah Morgan.

disco inferno - fanfiction archive for Cordelia/Faith, those glamourous girls from Angel.

pulp.(fiction) - my prose.

creativity3 - my commercial web design portfolio.